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Burger Delivery from Feed


We get it; you’re hungry, you’ve had a hard day at work and you just want to eat. A lesser person would scramble for a takeaway menu or worse yet, mash “just eat” into Google. You are not this person. You are better than them.

We craft the finest burgers, ribs and wings you’ve ever tasted and lovingly ship them to your door. We believe in keeping it simple and local.

We are nourishing the neighbourhood.

We are Feed.

Feed HQ - Edinburgh

Feed HQ is conveniently located in the rear building of the much adored St Vincent Bar, aka ‘The Vinnie’, giving you a fantastic choice of how to Feed that hungry little face of yours.

Night out with the boys? Come in to the bar, take a seat and let us take care of the rest with a phenomenal selection of quality beers, wines & spirits to wash down your meal.

On the hoof? Pop in, take a load off and relax with a cold beer while we cook your food to take away.

Feeling Lazy? Sit on your arse, check out our menu, place an order and watch the big match while we cook and drive your meal to you. We’ll even bring the beer!

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Feed Edinburgh

Our location

Fancy some face-time with the Feeders? Come get your eat on at the address below.

Feed Edinburgh
2 Circus Lane

Phone: 0131 226 3017

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