Cleaning Ice Maker

Regardless of whether you’re in a restaurant, bar, or hotel, you need to regularly clean your restaurant’s ice maker. Even though different types of ice makers use different types of water, the processes are pretty much the same. However, water used for ice machines is not always free from contaminants. This is because of the minerals in the water, and these substances can eventually build up and cause problems for your machine. This article will discuss some ways you can clean your ice maker and keep it running efficiently.

The first step is to mix a solution containing two parts of cleaner and one cup of warm water. Place the ice maker in the freezer to soak in the solution. Use a dry rag to wipe away excess water. You can also use this solution to clean the storage bin and recirculating water system. Once you’ve cleaned the storage bin, you can move on to the next step. Make sure to clean the ice maker’s storage bin and top extrusions.

It is also crucial to clean the evaporator as the scale can affect the flavor of food and drinks. A dirty ice maker can ruin an expensive meal. If you’re preparing an expensive meal for your customers, you don’t want to risk ruining the experience. Restaurant cleaning ice maker should be done regularly to prevent contamination from occurring. A properly clean ice maker should be easy to find, which makes it easy to do.